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Note test

Here you go tycho---tychoish ...

midweek update

A list:

  1. I dropped my cats off in [info]springiswrath's appartment. I refered to this on the twitter as "reverse stealing." He reports that they are well.

  2. Did a bunch of crap in New Jersey, once I got here: I looked at three apartments, claimed and took a two bedroom unit, signed the lease, began getting the utilities turned on (ugg, thankfully the realitor is being really helpful and quite a mensch on the subject).

  3. I took a shower, which was the most spiritually trancendent experience I think I've had in a really long time. Wow.

  4. I've realized that I haven't had a meal in days. I often doing enjoy eating very much when I'm driving, and I rarely enjoy eating in the morning, which has combined to form a tychoish that eats a bunch of snack food (crackers and salami, crackers and cheese sticks, lemonade and applesause shooters), and is mostly disinterested in food. I think I'm going to go get a salad or some such at a supermarket if I can find one.

  5. at this point in the list, I fell asleep

Rest seems to have made a lot of things much better. I still have to deal with my lack of internet access at the appartment (dear comcast, really?) I ate last night, and that was good, but I'm looking forward to being able to really eat my own food in my own home. And you know, having running water, and all of that business. Soon.

We'll be in touch.


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